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Welcome to the Online Student Enrollment for Newcastle Elementary School, Newcastle Charter School, and Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter School. This website is the first step in the process to register a NEW student for school who is not currently enrolled within our district.  Information about the student, such as emergency contacts, medical, and language information will be required. A current email address is required to begin this process. If your mailing address is different than your residence address, please make sure to include both addresses. This will ensure that school mailings are sent to the correct address on file.

PLEASE NOTE: If you live outside of the Newcastle Elementary School district boundaries a Newcastle Charter School "Request for Admission" Form will need to be submitted and approved before actually enrolling, pending space availability.

Required Forms MUST be completed and delivered to your school of enrollment:

  • Confirmation Page:  Please print (and sign) two copies of the confirmation page when on-line enrollment is complete; a copy for the school and one for yourself.
  • Immunization Records:  Students whose immunizations are not up-to-date will not be allowed to attend school. 
  • Proof of Age Document: 
    Please provide a birth certificate. Kindergarten (Must be Age 5 by September 1)Transitional Kindergarten (Must turn 5 between September 2 & December 2) 
    NEWCASTLE ELEMENTARY/CHARTER: Please provide one of the following: (1) a certified copy of a birth certificate or a statement by the local registrar or county recorder certifying the date of birth; (2) a duly attested baptism certificate; (3) a passport; (4) If none of these are available, please contact the school office for assistance
  • TWO Proofs of Residency Documents:  Current proof of residency should include: one mortgage statement or rental agreement; and one current utility bill (i.e. electric, gas, cable, garbage or water bill).
  • Report of Health Examination for School Entry (completed by a Physician): If your student is enrolling in Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, or 1st grade, a physical is required prior to the start of school.


The following additional forms are required and can be printed from the “Required Documents Page” during the online enrollment process:

  • Affidavit of Residency 
  • Student Health History Information 
  • HARVEST RIDGE: Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Additional forms for TK and K: Oral Health Assessment and Report of Health Examination for School Entry or Waiver of Health Examination

If transferring from another school district, the office staff at your school of attendance will request your student’s files from the previous school.  

Summer Break Instructions:  
Starting August 10th, please take any new or remaining required documents directly to the school offices. 
NEWCASTLE ELEMENTARY/CHARTER: Our school offices will be closed during the summer from June 21st to July 30th, 2021.  During this time period, please complete the on-line enrollment process (only if brand new to our school/idistrct) and then bring any required documents to the Newcastle Elementary School Office located at 8951 Valley View Drive, Newcastle, CA  95658. School offices will re-open Monday, August 2nd. 

To start registering your student:  Select a language to view Aeries Enrollment and then click the Enroll a New Student button.